Sunday, April 26, 2009

Intro Of The Week!!

YTV Retro

Dear Dudes and Dudettes I was recently looking for the ultimate viewing experience when I realized all of the shows for kids today are just horrible, and an insult to children's programming. I mean we were the lucky ones, we had one of the greatest stations at our fingertips, Totally rad shows such as Rocko's modern life, Goosebumps ,Are you afraid of the dark,Groundling marsh, Earthworm Jim, Uh-Oh, Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Real Monsters,Biker Mice From Mars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the list can go on and on. The pre- Hannah Montana days, the glory days of our youth. Today's generation will never know a time were they can stand up and fight for the things they inced loved because frankly all the new shows suck. so if your with me and agree that there should be a place to relive some of our greatest memories. There now is, I would like to present WWW.MOGULUS.COM/YTVRETRO, on this site you'll find all of the greatest shows from early 90s ytv, as well as commercials and ytv promos. So wait are you waiting for, go to the site and spring forth into action and save a decade long forgotten. GOOD LUCK, WE'RE ALL COUNTING ON YOU

Epic Battle #1: SNES vs SEGA

The year was 1991 and one of the greatest console wars begun, Snes vs Sega. Each company had remember able mascots that would give you a reason to play some of their exclusive title releases, Nintendo had their classic mascot Mario aka Super Mario, (To any who didn't know this, SHAME, SHAME) and then their was Sega who had their little blue speed demon known as Sonic the hedgehog. Through many online surveys given, a majority of people preferred the Snes over the Sega, I mean its not hard to see why the Snes had some pretty insane series of games, the list goes from the Super Mario series to the Zelda series, but don't get me wrong the Sega had some rad exclusive titles, from Sonic the hedgehog to Mortal Kombat. So I'll let you decide on which one was better, just post your answers and opinions in the comments section.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Retro Review Of The Week

Yes, It's that time once again, where I must throw another retro review at cha, and this week I've picked an 80s classic known as The Breakfast Club.

The storyline behind this classic movie is simple, 5 students from different social groups are stuck spending their Saturday morning serving detention in their school library. There's the nerd, the jock, the princess, the bad boy, and the basket case, on a regular school day none of these students would be caught dead speaking to one another but through out the movie they realize that they have more in common then they think and that their lives aren't so easy as it may seem. Alot of mischief goes down as the day goes on. Pure 80s classic at his best, Rent it, Buy it, Tivo it, Do whatever but I recommend you watch it

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Video Home System

I don't even have to justify this picture with a response, We all have them still kicking around the house, maybe in a box in the basement or in your Hi-Fi VCRs. as a matter of fact, I spent most of my weekend watching TMNT and TMNT 2:Secret of the ooze, that's right they still exist in all of us. I miss those "Be Kind Rewind" stickers they would put on them when you rented them (Come on, who here actually did rewind the tape before returning??)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blast From the Past!!!!!

So sometime late last year if was rumored that they would try to bring new life to the "Nightmare On Elm Street" franchise, It has recently been announced that New Line Cinema will be the production company pushing the movie forward. Sadly to say, Wes Craven will not be directing this film instead Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form will be over seeing the production (Don't worry they wont stray too far from the 1984 version, I hope) and they have also announced that Robert Englund will not be playing the role of Freddy Kruger instead he will be replaced by Jackie Earle Haley (The guy who played Rorschach on Watchmen) I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty pumped to see Freddy on the big screen, it's been awhile since we feared to go to sleep.

1,2 Freddy's coming for you

3,4, better lock the door

5,6 grab your crucifix

7,8, stay up late

9, 10 never sleep again.

Friday, April 17, 2009


The year was 1981, This little device measured at 3 inches by 3 inches with 9 colored squares a side, it was impossible to put together but people tried and tried. This device brought about more confusion then the Cuban missile crisis of the 60s. This blasted device in question is the (Drum Roll please)..........................The Rubik Cube

Retro Review Of The Week

Hey guys, its that time of the week yet again. 3 words......HEY YOU GUYS. if you haven't already guessed it the retro review for the week is (Drum roll)........THE GOONIES.

This movie for those you haven't seen it is about a group of kids who called themselves "The Goonies from the "Goon Docks" neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon, venture out in an adventure for the ages looking for One-eyed Willies buried treasure in hopes of saving their homes from demolition. So if you like adventure and a crazy cast of characters as well as a rocking 80s soundtrack, you should check it out, netflix it, YouTube it, rent it, buy it. Who cares just see it

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

A.Y.A.O.T.D.......Need I say more. I personally thought and still think this was one of the greatest shows to come out of Canada, pure genius, I mean a group of kids gather around a campfire in the middle of the woods and tell spooky stories that involve supernatural events to their group of friends known as "The Midnight Society". This is one of the many shows I wish I could have been a part of when I was younger. An even better treat for people that loved watching this show growing up is that the show has been recently released on DVD and is available at any movie store or retailer. Its defiantly worth picking up for any fans of the show

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"Pump up the jam, pump it up, while your feet are stomping, and the jam is pumping, and look the crowd is jumping" If those words seem familiar to you, its because they are. During the late 80 to late 90s, Technotronic ruled the airwaves with their songs which usually had some pretty bumping beats to help us get up off our seats and dance. Til this day their music stills beats on in our hearts and minds. If any of you haven't heard the jamz of Ya Kid K and Technotronic, I recommend going to YouTube and looking up some of their songs, You wont regret it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It was the 90s and a game was sweeping throughout playgrounds all over north America, POGS is what we called it, one of the greatest games of the day, the whole concept of hitting and flippin and stack of POGS with Slammers was the easy thing for hyper-active kids to understand. Thats was the motivation behind them, not to mention the cool collectable POGS, I remember all the kids wanted the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger POGS when they came out. Man, I could sure go for a nice game of POGS right about now.

Electric Circus

So just the other day I was wondering where my love of retro dance mixes came from, and that's when it hit me like Rosie O'Donnell on a cheeseburger. Way back in the day MuchMusic had a show called Electric Circus, If anyone grew up watching it, it was basically the MuchMusic studio turned into a nightclub every Friday night, they would have famous artists and deejays perform and it was all televised. Here's a little clip from YouTube to help spark your memory

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mighty Morphin Murder Rangers??????

As you guys have probably already heard about the former MMPR (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) "EXTRA" (sorry about the quotations, I just want to make sure people understand he was an extra instead of many new sources and gossip websites claiming he was the original green/white ranger) so where was I.......Oh, On April 10th 2009, 29 year old Skylar Deleon was sentenced to death for the murders of Tom and Jackie Hawks of Prescott, Ariz,. He was also found guilty of murdering Jon Jarvi back in 2003. Details have been released in the murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks, apparently Deleon and his at the time wife tied the couple to an anchor upon the couples yacht and threw the bodies in the water, investigators have yet to discover their bodies. Creepy to the maxxxx!!! The lesson for today is Killing = Bad, so if you dont want to suffer the lethal injection or rot away in the bighouse don't kill. As for Deleon, the date of is execution has not yet been released.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Retro Review Of The Week

So today being Thursday i decided this will become my new day for one retro review, the movie i have chosen for this week is................THE WIZARD

To those who have not seen this movie, I recommend renting it or watching it when its on television. The movie stars Fred Savage, Jenny Lewis and Luke Edward as the main characters, The movie basically follows three kids as they travel to California so the youngest, who has a condition that makes him emotionally withdrawn, can compete in the Nintendo World Video Game Championships. Not only is this a movie about over coming great odds and obstacles, it also has a pretty rad 80's soundtrack as well as scenes of retro gaming from some of the greatest games of 1989, games such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario Bros 3 and many more. So don't be a square and go check it out.