Monday, April 20, 2009

Blast From the Past!!!!!

So sometime late last year if was rumored that they would try to bring new life to the "Nightmare On Elm Street" franchise, It has recently been announced that New Line Cinema will be the production company pushing the movie forward. Sadly to say, Wes Craven will not be directing this film instead Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form will be over seeing the production (Don't worry they wont stray too far from the 1984 version, I hope) and they have also announced that Robert Englund will not be playing the role of Freddy Kruger instead he will be replaced by Jackie Earle Haley (The guy who played Rorschach on Watchmen) I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty pumped to see Freddy on the big screen, it's been awhile since we feared to go to sleep.

1,2 Freddy's coming for you

3,4, better lock the door

5,6 grab your crucifix

7,8, stay up late

9, 10 never sleep again.

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