Monday, May 18, 2009

Retro Movie Review Of The Week!

This weeks movie is a timeless classic, although it was met with some criticism when it was released because it dealt with some religious themes, but the moment people got over it the religion aspect of the film it became a world wide hit. Two greats minds came together to make one of the greatest movie trilogy's of all time, and these minds were George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, By this time you guys should know the movie by now, if not it's................(Drum roll Please) "Raiders of The Lost Ark". To all those who have seen this great adventure movie about a man named Indiana Jones and his quest to find one of the greatest treasures in history, You know how radical this movie was, and to those who haven't seen it (shame, SHAME) Just kidding, run into your local video store, rent it or buy it. Trust me, you won't be disappointed with this pick, while your there you should also rent the Temple of Doom and Last Crusade as well. This movie has my seal of approval. ENJOY THE MOVIE

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