Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Glory Days!!

The road to greatness has always been a road travelled by these Gods of retro gaming and current gaming. The journey started in 1989 with the single greatest console of the day, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
This system was the best, the lineup of games that were available for this system was nuts, everything from the classic mario to zelda to punch out, the list goes on and on, remember having to blow inside the cartridge to make the game work hahahahah those were classic memories. The popularity of this system was through the roof, anyone remember that movie "The Wizard" This was nothing more then a long Nintendo commerical but it wasn't all bad, this movie showed people how to find the flute that takes you to the warp zone.The next console in all it glory is......the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) There's literally nothing bad you could say about this system, til this day I still have mine hooked up to the tv and game on it when i'm bored, remember when they released super mario world 2: Yoshi's Island, This game was just too cool for words, they had thing in the backdrop falling on you, monsters in the background jumping out at you, classic boss battles, like the jello dude that you gotta throw eggs at his heart (Oh, that takes me back) Remember when the console wars started between SEGA and Nintendo??? It's safe to say Nintendo won that war, I mean come on, Sonic vs Mario?? Mario was way cooler, he's a plumber whose a hero on the side with his brother for a sidekick and dinosaur for a pet, Sure beats a stupid blue hedgehog anyday. Shall we move on to the N64 (Nintendo 64) or as it was originally called the Ultra64, The ultra 64 sounds way more badass, shame they had to change the name. But anywho remember the sick graphics on this system and the introduction of some pretty wicked game series like Super Smash Bros, That was epic. Goldeneye, Killer Instinct Gold, Zelda, Clay Fighter, StarFox 64, Super Mario64, Donkey Kong64 (it's funny how they just added 64 at the end of the titles, great originality there Nintendo haha) these are just some of great titles on this system. I think I'll stop at the N64 before my head explodes due to nostalgia overflow.

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  1. "Mario was way cooler, he's a plumber whose a hero on the side with his brother for a sidekick and dinosaur for a pet, Sure beats a stupid blue hedgehog anyday."

    Pffft... you're delusional if you think Mario is cooler than Sonic. Either that, or you have no idea what the term "cool" means, as Mario is easily one of the dorkiest characters in the history of video games. He's a fat plumber who speaks like the Italian stereotype he is and has for archenemy a big dumb turtle obsessed with kidnapping a princess for reasons he doesn't even know. Even Mario fans dislike him, which is why most prefer Luigi instead. You know you suck a lot when your sidekick is more popular than you. Plus he has no personality, as Nintendo refuses to give him a speaking role in any of his games.